Testimonials, how consumers love the Oil For Less program, how much they saved
purchasing discount heating oil and receiving superior oil and customer service. 

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I am so happy that I switched to Pilgrim Oil. Last season I saved at least $550 on our
heating oil bills and received a free service contract.
Oil For Less - AG – Bronx, NY

We were pleased with the service that was prompt and courteous at 1:30 in the morning.
That never happened with our old oil company.
FC – New York, NY

When we purchased our home, the previous owner highly recommended your company
and I am also happy to say that I am also very pleased. Thanks again.
TR – Mount Vernon, NY

We appreciate the way Pilgrim Oil conducts its business. Not only did we get a fantastic
price on our oil but we also saved hundreds of dollars on a new heating system. You guys
are the best!
AJS – New Rochelle, NY

My neighbor introduced me to Pilgrim Oil; I was reluctant in the beginning to switch. So glad
I did! Saved over $.35 a gallon and received a free service contract. Thank you.
LP – Bronx, NY

My husband and I are happy to have a company like Pilgrim that adds that personal touch
that we are looking for.
AT & MT – Pelham, NY

Pilgrim Oil has the price and reliable service that I was looking for.
MR – Mamaroneck, NY

So glad we took the time to visit your site at From that day on we started
saving lots of money.
JB – Mount Vernon. NY

I love being a member of the Pilgrim group! I get a piece of mind all winter long, never
having to worry about running out of oil and the group's prices are terrific! I've also been
very happy with their service. I am happy to recommend Pilgrim.
LT – Manhattan, NY

I am proud to be a member of Pilgrim Oil. Six months ago, I had a boiler replaced with
Pilgrim's Helping Hand Program. I just want everyone to know that I saved $547. Thank
you very, very much.
GR - New Rochelle, NY

My husband and I received a quote from our previous heating oil company that we had for
5 years for a new heating system, and the price was high. Our friend told us to call you guys
and so happy we did! You saved us money and installed the new system in a short period
of time. Thank you for all your help.
CT & MT - New York, NY

I would like to thank Peter at Oil For Less for his assistance with my heating oil problem.
My previous oil provider told me that it would cost me $3,800 to fix my oil heat system.
Peter told me before you spend the money, why don't you let one of Pilgrim's service
providers give you a second opinion. Low and behold it turned out to be a faulty thermostat.
Peter, thank you so much.
JP – Trenton, NJ

We feel very lucky that we have stumbled upon the website. It came at a time
when we were having lots of problems with our previous heating oil provider. We are very
happy we switched. The service and professionalism is superb! Keep up the good work.
CM & FM – Westport, CT

Living on Long Island is tough enough with the property taxes. Finding a heating oil dealer is
easy, finding one that's reputable... not so easy. We are very happy that we've come aboard
as group members with Pilgrim. Your customer service department is top flight.
JL & NL – Nassau County, Glen Cove, NY

We saved on our heating oil bills throughout the winter and received a free oil heat service
contract. It's very comforting to know that there's still a company out there with the
consumers best interest in mind.
SR – Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY

I'm happy to have found your heating oil group for my home. The daily oil price was lower
than my previous heating oil company.
AT – Newark, New Jersey

While doing a Google search, I came across and advertisement that said "Huge Savings on
Heating Oil Fairfield County, Connecticut". Intrigued as I was, I clicked over and called the
number. Thank God I did; I am now a member of Pilgrim Oil Group and enjoying all the
money saving benefits.
Oil For Less - KC – Fairfield County, New Canaan, CT

Dear, I was thrilled to discover that I could save more money than I was
saving with my previous oil buying group. Not only did I save on my heating oil price per
gallon, but with Pilgrim there is no membership fee.
LS – Norwalk, Connecticut

We would like to express our gratitude for your buying group price and service. We are very
happy with the heating oil provider that oilforless provided.
JBM & CM – Princeton, NJ

I just want to write to let you know how happy we are that we are members of the Pilgrim Oil
Group. I recommended my sister in Brooklyn, NY and my brother-in-law in Queens. They
too are very happy with their heating oil provider.
SA & JA – Fairfield County, Bridgeport, CT

Purchasing heating oil for less has been a plus for me especially during these hard times.  
Being a landlord of a 4 unit apartment house and receiving a service call at 2:00 in the 
morning, within a half hour of calling, just puts the icing on the cake.
CF - Brooklyn, NY

We're all concerned with today's oil price.  The economy is on the downturn and heating oil 
is on the rise. I sure appreciate Oil for Less. I'm very happy I joined Pilgrim Oil Group.
FR - Long Island, NY

My friend told me to call oil for less for the current oil price.  I found that with Pilgrim Oil
Group I was able to save on my home heating oil.  Thanks for all you do.
RK - Queens, NY

I have tried cod heating oil companies on line and was not impressed.  The heating oil
price on the day I ordered the oil was $2.49, I was supposed to receive it the next day, I
received my heating oil 5 days later at $2.56 and got socked with a processing fee on top
of it all.  Glad to be doing business with Pilgrim heating oil group.
Oil For Less - JT - Long Island, NY

My previous heating oil provider wanted to fix my heating oil price 90 cents higher than
Pilgrim's daily heating oil price of the day, plus a service contract for $300.00 and a early
termination fee of $250.00.  I love the idea that Pilgrim heating oil group doesn't play these
games.  You're truly here for the consumer.
FB - Queens, NY

Dear Laura, thanks for all your help with my heating oil needs.  You were very professional
in handling my situation.  There was not one Long Island heating oil company that was
able to do what you were able to accomplish within 3 1/2 hours;   I think oil for less is the
best.  Please post this.
KS - Dix Hills, Long Island, NY

Connecticut heating oil prices differ greatly from one heating oil provider to another.  I not
only speak for myself when I say, we truly appreciate discount heating oil in Connecticut. 
We are happy to be part of Pilgrim oil group.
ND & SD - Darien, Connecticut

I was paying over $450 per year in New Jersey for my in-ground oil tank insurance policy.  
After consulting with Pilgrim Oil Group, they managed to save us over $150 per year with
a smaller deductible and superior coverage.  
RB - New Jersey

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into explaining the difference between oil tank
insurance and heating oil tank leak protection.  The savings through your group were
significant compared to other companies I've called.  If anyone is looking for coverage
for their in ground oil tank, I strongly recommend contacting Pilgrim Oil Group.  You will
be surprised with their pre-negotiated price and attentiveness.
Oil For Less - AP - Yonkers, NY
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