Free Heating Oil

Being a Pilgrim Oil Group member has its privileges, like receiving $35.00 in Free
Heating Oil just for spreading the savings to your friends and family.  In fact, every time
you Refer a Friend to Oil for Less who signs up with automatic oil delivery service, you 
will receive $35.00 in FREE HEATING OIL.*

Do you have friends who use oil to heat their home?  If so, then refer them to Pilgrim's
discount oil network through our Refer-A-Friend program and you could earn $35.00 
in FREE HEATING OIL.  Here's how it works, provide us with your name, phone, and account
number if available, and the same for your friends or family, we'll do the rest.  REFER A

Another way to earn FREE HEATING OIL is when a friend or family member signs up through
our on line registration form, have them place your name in the referred by box.  We believe
that giving away free heating oil will encourage everyone in the program.  So go ahead, 
spread the word, Tweet, Blog, post on your Facebook, shout if from the rooftops, rent a 
billboard, write it in the sky, it's all about the same to us.

Pilgrim Oil Group is growing and every day helping more and more consumers fight the
price of heating oil through group purchasing.  With your participation through Pilgrim's
Refer-A-Friend program, you can let even more people know about, and 
make a little money while you're at it.  Find out if discount heating oil is available in the 
state and town where your friends or family live.
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