New Jersey heating oil consumers that have become accustomed to purchasing fuel
through their local heating oil providers now have an option.  NJ heating oil consumers now
have the opportunity to purchase heating oil as members of a group at discount prices.  

Heating oil discounts are available throughout most of New Jersey.  Heating oil prices change
rapidly throughout the trading day, leaving most  customers at the mercy of their providers.  

Pilgrim Oil Group and its wholly owned subsidiary is constantly scanning
computer screens linked to global markets, looking to take advantage of small shifts in heating
oil prices so they could pass the savings on to their New Jersey (NJ) members.

New Jersey members that are in the market for COD heating oil known as Cash on Delivery,
or prefer automatic fuel oil deliveries can take advantage of being a Pilgrim Oil Group member
for all their heating oil and service needs.  Call for today's oil price on No. 2, No. 4, or No.6 heating

Pilgrim together with can help NJ consumers find heating oil for less. Pilgrim does
not charge a transaction fee for fuel deliveries; becoming a heating oil group member is free and
easy.  Enjoy the experience purchasing oil for less!

New Jersey oil prices can change rapidly leaving consumers helpless against artificial spikes in
heating their fuel price.  Oil for Less is dedicated to helping NJ consumers obtain the best price for
their fuel accompanied with the highest quality of service.

Oilforless has been around since 2003, making its mark as the leader in discount heating oil
throughout the state of New Jersey.  When thousands of NJ heating oil consumers are affected by
a cold snap and other companies are not equipped to handle the mass demand, NJ turns to oil for
less for fair pricing and prompt service when and where it's needed.


Discount home heating oil is now available in the following New Jersey counties: 
Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Essex, Union, Middlesex, Mercer, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland. 
Find out the current heating oil price in your neighborhood.
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