Be in control of your home heating oil and start purchasing Oil For Less.
When becoming a member with Oil For Less, consumers start receiving discount heating oil
on their fuel deliveries immediately.  Our goal is to help our Residential and commercial members
suppress the price of their home heating oil by purchasing fuel as a group.

Oil for less uses its massive buying power to lower residential and commercial oil prices
throughout its coverage area.  Heating oil prices change rapidly throughout the trading day;
it's our job to stay on top of the market to make sure you're always getting the best price for your
fuel delivery.

If you heat your home or business with oil and are tired of paying high prices, maybe it's time you 
had a company looking out for your best interest.  When becoming a member with Pilgrim Oil Group 
together with Oil For Less, discount heating oil is just around the corner.

Commercial and residential home heating oil members can choose to take advantage of automatic
or COD heating oil deliveries.  Oil For Less can assist members that are having  service related
problems, some areas even offer a free service contract.

When hundreds of home owners and businesses join together to purchase heating oil it creates 
leverage. When thousands of commercial and residential home owners join forces throughout 11
states it creates enough power to lower heating oil prices for all our group members. 

If we're not in your area, we will be there soon.  To help speed up the process, call you home
heating oil provider and insist on OIL FOR LESS.

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