A Better way to Purchase Propane For Less

Consumers save an average of $300-$500 a year when purchasing propane as members
of a buying group.  Pilgrim propane group and its wholly owned subsidiary
has secured long term contracts with many of the cities premiere propane gas companies. 

Pilgrim is one of the largest energy buying groups in the northeast and is expanding rapidly
throughout the U.S. offering propane gas at affordable prices.  Consumers could realize
significant savings when working through our pre-negotiated network of propane gas suppliers. 

Pilgrim has designed a new innovative approach for consumers to purchase propane at the
very best price the network has to offer.  Purchasing propane with Pilgrim gives consumers
the ability to shop for liquefied petroleum gas prices like a pro. 

Group members pay less when purchasing propane because of its unique and economical
method of distribution.  Pilgrim has teamed up with propane for less enabling discount
liquid petroleum gas to be delivered to locations already in route.  This piggyback system has
been logistically proven and financially beneficial to consumers seeking discount propane.

Whether you're in the market for COD propane or prefer automatic deliveries, Pilgrim is here
to help every step of the way.  Automatic propane deliveries give consumers peace of mind,
knowing that their tank will always be topped off, never to run empty.  COD propane members
that own their own tanks have the option to shop for price and request a delivery when they
think the time is right.

Pilgrim is changing the face of the propane gas industry through discount group purchasing.
When becoming part of the Pilgrim propane group, members can take advantage of a wide
variety of valued added benefits.  Besides delivering propane for heat, hot water, cooking,
grilling, swimming pools, fireplaces, and outside heaters, some providers will even deliver a
20 lb. barbecue propane tank to your doorstep.

Our buying group organization helps residential and commercial consumers find discount
propane prices.  Becoming a member is free and easy; enjoy purchasing propane for less.

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