Consumers save money by purchasing heating oil as a group

Using the power of their numbers, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey consumers save
an average of $275 - $500 a year on their heating oil  by purchasing fuel as members of a
group.  Heating oil prices are subject to supply, demand, geography, politics, weather
conditions and other factors. During cold weather, oil prices rise; but through negotiations
with oil heat suppliers, Pilgrim gets the best prices for oil group members year- round. Call
Pilgrim Oil for today's oil price.
Pilgrim Oil unites heating oil consumers throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, 
Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island to leverage their purchasing power for
home heating oil. Pilgrim Oil has secured long term contracts with many of the city's 
premier, full-service heating oil companies. Discount heating oil is now available throughout
New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our group purchasing program has allowed
us to negotiate very competitive prices for our heating oil members for many years to come!

Become a member of Pilgrim Oil and you'll save an average of 22 to 32 cents a gallon and
receive a free 24-hour service contract with a full-service local heating oil supplier. Heating
oil group members enjoy free annual cleaning, tune-ups, dependable deliveries and service.
Conveniences such as automatic fuel deliveries, credit terms and budget billing are also

Whether you're in the market for COD heating oil also known as Cash on Delivery, or prefer
automatic fuel oil deliveries, Pilgrim is here to help with all your heating oil needs. Call for
a free price quote on No. 2, No. 4 or No. 6 heating oil. Pilgrim together with
can help you find heating oil for less. Pilgrim does not charge a transaction fee for fuel
deliveries; becoming a member is free and easy. Enjoy the oil for less experience!
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