Consumers can save up to 30% on their heating oil when purchasing fuel on a COD
basis with a discount buying group.  COD heating oil also known as Cash on
Delivery gives consumers the ability to purchase fuel at the lowest price possible.

Pilgrim Oil Group tracks the heating oil market in real time so they could pass the
savings on to their COD members.  Pilgrim together with oil for less has been 
helping consumers fight the high cost of heating oil for over a decade.

The heating oil market moves rapidly throughout the trading day, leaving most
COD consumers puzzled.  Oil for less schedules its COD deliveries with  its 
network of heating oil partners within certain geographic areas on chosen
days.  Bulking members on certain days maximizes efficiency and increases
productivity, while lowering oil prices.

Pilgrim's COD members are under the umbrella of protection against heating
oil prices being artificially inflated.  Pilgrim has predetermined COD heating
oil margin prices with distribution based on certain indexes to avoid these

Oil for less has changed the face of the heating oil industry by giving consumers
the ability to purchase COD fuel at discount prices.  Pilgrim is able to offer these
low heating oil prices through distribution logistics.  

Had enough tire kicking, searching on and off line trying to find cheap oil prices?   
Perhaps it's time to work with a company that has your best interest at the forefront.  
Maybe it's time to take the advice of thousands that have become satisfied members 
and enjoy purchasing oil for less.

Pilgrim's massive reach helps consumers find COD heating oil and discounts on
propane gas where available in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA, RI, VT, ME, OH, and NH.

Pilgrim Oil Group and its wholly owned subsidiary© has been 
helping consumers fight the high cost of heating oil, one gallon at a time.  Join
our organization for free and start purchasing COD heating oil at discount prices
as members of a group.

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