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10/10/2013 - Spray Foam Insulation - Discount Prices

Install Spray Foam Insulation and Start Saving Today:

Consumers can save up to 60% on their energy bills by properly installing spray foam insulation
throughout their home.  The Department of Energy (DOE), studies show that 40% of your homes
energy is lost due to air infiltration.  Without the right spray foam insulation, any home can lose 
energy efficiency through air leakage.  Spray foam insulation creates a barrier that seals the 
structures thermal envelope, enabling it to perform energy efficiency at its highest level.  

Spray foam insulation gets into cracks and crevices in walls, attics, around pipes and duct work to 
form a seal against the outside elements.  This type of insulation can lessen the strain on your
furnace while increasing its life expectancy.  Spray foam can reduce moisture and helps create
a protective shield against mold; this creates a more pleasurable environment while increasing
the value of your home.

Pilgrim Oil Group covers most of the northeast and is expanding rapidly throughout the U.S. 
offering discount spray foam insulation to all its members.  Our group brings to the table the
ability to lower spray foam insulation prices without substituting the quality of service.  Pilgrim
provides guidance for energy efficiency to homeowners and commercial establishments that
want to save money on their energy bills.  

Our group can offer consumers lower prices on spray foam insulation because of its massive
buying power.  Northeast consumers can now take advantage of lower prices on insulation
with the security of a major brand.  Our ability to offer lower prices on products and services
has helped us become one of the largest buying groups in the U.S.  Pilgrim is constantly 
evolving, adapting to the market, being ahead of the curve, so our members are always 
receiving the best possible price.

Spray foam insulation brought into the 21st century by a buying group with its member's best
interest at the forefront.  With your help we can rid the world of energy loss while keeping a
few bucks in your pocket.                                              
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