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1/14/2018 - Discount Heating Oil - Connecticut Oil Prices

Connecticut heating oil consumers are up in arms thinking they're getting a good deal with discount COD fuel prices until the oil never shows up.

Subzero temperatures and teeth chattering cold have been swarming Connecticut wreaking havoc
on heating oil consumers.  How did your heating oil company fare in in the wake of this all?  Many
online COD heating oil companies claim to have the lowest prices.  However, during this frigid
winter, they dropped the ball on many of their unsuspecting customers, taking their orders and then
never delivering the heating oil.  This caused an outrage amongst Connecticut fuel consumers, 
mainly from Fairfield County who were not receiving the fuel that they ordered.

Buyers beware of online COD (Cash on Delivery) heating oil companies offering lower prices to CT
consumers during the winter.  Many seem to offer unrealistic prices when the cold weather breaks,
the fuel companies that are filling the orders will always take care of their customers before the

Heating oil prices change rapidly, especially with extreme record-breaking weather.  Connecticut
was just one of the many states hit with these historic temperatures.  Oil for Less handles the
majority of Connecticut, bringing some of the lowest prices accompanied with the highest quality
of service the industry has to offer.  As a group organization, Oilforless members in Connecticut
can order oil with less anxiety when they know they are protected from artificial spikes in heating oil
prices.  They can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that after they put in their order,
will deliver on time, every time.

When thousands of Connecticut heating oil consumers are affected by the cold snap and other companies are not equipped to handle the mass demand, they turn to oil for less for fair oil pricing
and prompt service when needed.
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