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1/20/2018 - Connecticut Propane - Discount LP Gas

Connecticut participants are receiving discount propane prices through a network of LP Gas group members.

Propane for Less is rolling out a liquid petroleum gas program throughout the state of Connecticut.
Participants will be able to purchase LP gas at discount prices.  CT consumers are quickly realizing
the ease and simplicity when purchasing propane gas through our consortium.  

As prices keep rising, Connecticut consumers are now shopping for less expensive way to 
purchase their LP Gas.  Their search immediately brings them to our group organization where
they can take advantage of lower prices that have been pre-negotiated.  

Start receiving propane prices without having to sign a contract.  Just complete a simple form that
gives us a better understanding of what you're looking for.  There's no surprise that a growing 
number of Connecticut propane participants are enjoying the Pilgrim experience.

Propane for Less participants throughout Connecticut can choose automatic or COD LP gas
deliveries and take advanatge of different plans that our group has to offer.  If you would like
to learn more about propane tank leasing, purchasing, or other services, go to contact us and
choose propane.  

The information that you provide through our propane registration is encrypted,
and protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technologoy.  Propane for Less is very serious 
about online security and invests a great deal in protecting your information.

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