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1/22/2018 - COD Heating Oil - Massachusetts Oil Prices

Massachusetts consumers are on the look-out for a less expensive way to purchase COD heating oil at discount prices as members of a fuel buying group.

Massachusetts consumers unite to purchase COD (Cash on Delivery) heating oil through the Oil
for Less network at discount prices.  Oil for Less is a price driven fuel buying group that gives MA
consumers the ability to shop for COD heating oil with ease.  COD heating oil prices can vary from
one Massachusetts heating oil supplier to another, in the same geographic region, by up to $.80
per gallon.

Oil for Less gives MA a new and unique way to purchase heating oil on a COD basis with group
purchasing power.  Come see why so many Massachusetts heating oil consumers have made
the switch from their current fuel supplier to the oilforless group.

Since 2003, Pilgrim Oil Group together with Oil for Less has been helping MA residents save
money on each and every COD deliver that has been made.  Our group organization believes that
maximizing all COD heating oil deliveries within a single geographic area, maximizes efficiency
and helps suppress prices.

The information that you provide through our COD heating oil registration form is encrypted and
protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for your protection.  Our group organization
negotiates COD heating oil deliveries on your behalf.  We become somewhat of a liaison bridging
the gap between heating oil provider and consumer.

Feel free to contact us and a helpful Oil for Less representative will answer all your questions.
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